Welcome to United Surgicals

United Surgicals Limited was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company on the 2nd of April, 1991. The conception was advised by the need to provide Nigeria's Healthcare industry with high quality and standard services. This has become necessary because the consultancy -medical-equipment market is supplied and serviced by quacks who supply low quality spurious products to naive users. Most healthcare managers innocently procure sub-standard or used products @ exorbitant prices that are higher than the rates for quality products.

At United Surgicals Limited, we have this at the back of our minds and we conceived and considered floating an indigenous company that will provide consultancy services for government-owned healthcare providers as well as private institutions. We have the capacity and sources for all kinds of medical equipments and devices. It is of note that on occasions our manufacturers and partners have flown into Nigeria to provide quality training to our workforce.

24 years and we continue to deliver state of the art medical equipment. We have been and will continue to be true to our clients as they are our most treasured assets and we give them value for their money. We have been helpful in recommending latest state of the art technology in medical equipment to government agencies, private organizations and individuals. Hospitals always need to adjust to change of the social trends. Hospitals are supposed to introduce new medical equipment periodically in response to the progress of technology. United Surgicals avails this opportunity to them.

We provide Nigeria's Health care industry with high quality and standard medical equipments and consultancy services for government owned health care providers as well as private health institutions. We are pleased to meet up with our clients’ demands. Whatever you need, we are just a call away.