Partners @ United Surgicals

Our Partners

We have further acquired franchise rights of many companies that are foremost in the manufacture and sale of:

Medical Furniture
Theatre Equipment
Baby and Neonatal Equipment
Respiratory Support Equipment
Anestthetic Support Equipment
UltraSound Equipment
Digital and AnalogueX-ray Machines.


DEM Technology USA- Producers of SANI GUARD
Mc Jefferson of UK
USMediks of US
Merivaara of Finland- One of the foremost companies in the manufacture and sales of medical furniture
ProMed of TuHlingen Germany - Manufacturers of Surgical Instruments
Fischer Pykel Healthcare of New Zealand- innovatiive manufacturers of baby and neonatal care equipment,sleep apnea equipment,respiratory support products.
SiUI of Shantou China - The oldest and best manufacturer of Ultrasound equipment in China for over 40 years experience in the business.
Techno-Medical of Germany - a Manufacturer of Endoscopes and Laparoscopy Equipment.
Prior Scientific of Cambridge UK - Manufacturers of Laboratory Optics and microscopes.
GE - A world renowned manufacturer of Imaging equipment MRI,CT,Fluoroscopes,Digital X-Ray,UltraSound Scanner Mammography Machine.
Beurer - Health Product Of Germany

All the companies we deal with are registered with all or two International Standard Organisations.

ISO 9002: 2000 (International Standards Organisation)
TUV (European Standards Organisation) based in Denmark.
CE (European Marking for Conformity with EU Specifications).
FDA (Food an Drugs Administration of the United States)