Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy services to Federal and State-owned Healthcare Institutions, which includes:

1. Seminars and Workshops for Health Personnel on Handling, Operating, Application and Repairs of Medical Equipment.
2. Equipment Sourcing and Pricing.
3. Advising on Health Programmes and Relevant Equipment etc.

Medical Equipment lack relevance when installed in the wrong health institution. In the same vein, Health Institutions create less impact on lives when they are not equipped and manned by qualified personnel. Experience has shown that ill-advised Healthcare Managers procure equipment that are, most times, inadequate for tertiary Health Institution that need specialized medical equipment. Such equipment have been under-utilized or totally abandoned because the primary health centers lack adequate manpower and skill to operate, handle and maintain hi-tech equipment. On the other hand, Tertiary Institutions have been supplied with equipment used solely for basic healthcare. With our years of experience setting up Specialist Hospitals and Primary Healthcare Centers, we have full knowledge of standards and requirement for tertiary (Specialist Health Institution) as well as the needs for running successful Primary Healthcare Centers.

Because of these problems, we offer to:

Provide advice and guidance to Healthcare Managers on adequate equipment for successful running of Tertiary Health Institution as well as those required for Primary Healthcare Centers.
Advice on sourcing of high quality, certified products at minimal costs.
Provide adequate Training of Personnel, Equipment Sourcing, Pricing, Shipping Requirements, Installation and Maintenance of Equipment.
Establish Healthcare Management Information System that will act as a base for Strategic Planning and Implementation of Health Policies.

The MIS (Management Information System) will provide info as to:

a. Number of Health Personnel (Doctors, Nurses etc) in government services
b. Qualifications
c. Area of Specialization
d. Relevant Equipment available to different Health Institutions
e. Maintenance Schedule
f. Available Spare parts
g. Staff Training

Product Service Offerings

a. Research Laboratories
b. Equipping of New Hospitals
c. Upgrading of Health Centers to General Hospitals
d. Equipping School Laboratories
e. Refurbishing of Old Hospitals
f. Supply of Hospital Consumables